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Once upon a time, there were three friends Rat, Turtle, and The CleverDeer. They lived in a beautiful forest.

The rat was tiny with a long tail and loved eating.

The turtle was cute with a heavy shell on its back and liked playing in the water.

The Deer was the tallest and the smartest among the three of them with a shiny and beautiful coat.

They used to gather at the end of the day and share their day to day activities. And one fine day…..turtle started the conversation about what all he had done that day…

Turtle: Hey friends, do you know? I ate rare leaves today.. they were so delicious… woww.. and after that, I did a lot of swimming. Oh! I was so tired.. that I relaxed under the sun for the rest of the day.

Rat: Really! Even I had delicious and amazing roots. I was so excited and playful today that I spent all my time digging and making burrows & running here and there!

Turtle: How about you deer? How was your day?

Rat: It looks like you had an interesting day…isn’t it!

Deer: (Excited) Yeah…it was an adventurous day.

Oh! By the God’s grace, I escaped from the tiger. When I was roaming around eating grass like any other day, A tiger suddenly appeared in front of me…

Seeing him, I was startled …and I thought, what shall I do now…this tiger looks very hungry and might eat me alive in no time. Then I calmed myself and started thinking about how to escape from the tiger.

Narrator: The deer was unaware that the tiger didn’t think of killing it… In fact, he had never seen a deer before. As soon as he saw the deer ..out of curiosity he asked the deer…

Tiger: Who are you?

Narrator: After listening to the tiger’s naive question… the deer realized that the tiger had no idea about who he is…Now the deer was little relieved and replied…

Deer: I am deer…

Narrator: The tiger was surprised and started asking…

Tiger: (Innocent face) Oh!! What are those funny things on your head?

Deer: Those are my horns!!!

Tiger: Horns?? What are those horns for?

Deer: Oh! Don’t you know!! these horns can kill millions of tigers.

Tiger: (Scared) Really!! Ok! Why do you have those white spots all over your body?

Deer: Don’t you know! Whenever I eat a tiger I am blessed with one white spot[focus]!

Narrator: The foolish tiger did not understand that he was being fooled by the clever deer. looking at the deer with so many white spots. 

The Tiger thought, yes! he might have eaten many tigers.

The tiger was so afraid, that he could not help himself running away from deer.

On the way, he met a fox and told him the whole story…..

Fox started laughing at the  foolish tiger..and said

Fox: How on earth are you born without a brain? How cleverly that deer fooled you… Clever deer!!! He made you run miles away. Ha ha ha…

Tiger: Really! Have I been fooled? Are you serious?

Fox: Yes… Its very much true and I can prove it..just take me to that deer.

Narrator: When the deer saw the tiger coming back with fox he guessed why both of them are coming. And the clever deer came up with a plan again.

Deer: Hello fox! You kept your promise! Remember you told me that you would bring a delicious tiger for me to eat. Well done my dear friend. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Narrator: Before the fox could say a word… tiger vanished from the scene without leaving any trace and the deer never saw the tiger again.

Rat: Oh my god! It takes a lot of courage to do something like that.

Turtle: Yeah ..that’s great…I am inspired by your presence of mind. In such a situation I wouldn’t have been able to think like that so quickly.

Narrator: Deer had a proud smile on his face.


Presence of mind and courage in distress are the most important things to overcome any hurdles in your life.