Reading Comprehension for Kids is about improving the reading skills in children. It also improves their comprehensive skills.

Comprehension 1

Tommy went to a post office. He went from school. His Teacher took them. They went by School Bus. There they saw a Red color Post Box and also, some stamps. He enjoyed a lot.



  1. Where did Tommy go?
  2. Who took him?
  3. How did they go?
  4. What did he see there?
  5. Name the color of the Post Box?

Comprehension 2

My Favorite Toy is a small teddy Bear. His name is Fluffy. Fluffy is  Brown in Color. He also, has a Red Bow around his neck. I like to play with my Teddy Bear.


  1. What is your Favorite Toy?
  2. Give the name of Teddy?
  3. What is his Color?
  4. Name the Color of the Bow?
  5. Where is the Bow?

Comprehension 3

Minnie lives in a Small House. She lives there with her Family. There are Two Bedrooms in her House. Also, there is One Drawing Room, One Kitchen, and Two Bathrooms. The rooms are in different colors but her Bedroom is in Pink Color.



Pick the correct answer.
  1. Minnie’s House is ____                                      A) Big            B) Small
  2. Her Bedroom is ____                                         A) Pink          B) Blue
  3. There are _____ Bathrooms.                          A) Three        B) Two
  4. There are _____ Bedrooms.                            A) Two           B) Three
  5. She lives with her ______                               A) Family      B) Friends

Comprehension 4

Raju has a Big Ball. It is Blue in Color. Animal Pictures are on it. It is very Light. He also, loves to play with his Ball.


  1. Raju has ____ Ball.
  2. It is ____ in Color.
  3. The picture of ______ are on the ball.
  4. It is very ____.
  5. He loves to play with his  _____.

Comprehension 5

Sarah went for a Picnic.  They went to a Zoo. She went with her family. There she saw many Animals and Birds. She saw a Lion, a Tiger, Deer, and Monkeys. The Birds were very Colorful. She also saw a Peacock. Later she ate Ice-cream and Sandwiches. She also enjoyed a lot.



  1. Where did Sarah go?
  2. What did she see there?
  3. Name the  Animals that she saw there?
  4. Which Bird did she see?
  5. What did she eat?

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