How to Deal with Kids

Here we are going to discuss parenting tips in handling Tantrums. It might be a bit difficult initially but parents will learn to address the tantrums with the Guidance given. We, at Rainbow Kids Learning  help you with some of the best.


We usually observe Children throwing Tantrums as they grow, and it becomes important for a parent to understand the reason or cause for the same. As long as kids are in good mood, they will not create any trouble to the parents and continue to play and enjoy. Any Parent would love to see their bubbly smiles. Good Parenting is managing the children’s anger & frustration.

But they should understand that these tantrums are important for their emotional balance and a healthy life. Some of the ways to handle these tantrums & parenting tips are below:

Parenting Techniques to handle Tantrums

Let them Cry – When someone feels sad or experience extreme happiness, tears come out automatically. Those tears contain cortisol, which is a stress hormone. It helps to reduce stress and maintain stable blood pressure, thus improving emotional health. Parents will notice after the whining and weeping ends, a  much better mood can be noticed. Good sleep – Good sleep results in maintaining physical & emotional health. Parents try to pacify their kid’s irritation by offering them what they want. But if the children cry to let out their pent-up feelings or emotions, its better let them cry for a while so that they overcome the distress  &  sleep well.

Saying “NO” is good- Always saying ‘yes’ to the kids will not help the child. Even saying ‘no’ sometimes will help them to understand their limits & improve their behavior pattern.

Tantrums develop close bonding- During the outburst, if you give a big warm hug and try to console them, it gives them a feeling of security and improves the bonding between you and your child.

The child feels safe

A kid always feels safe to throw tantrums in front of the parent, when you say ‘no’. He certainly knows that you are the one who will take care.


Correct behavior

A child tends to throw tantrums if anything is going against his way of thinking, such as forced sleep or dressing. But they slowly realize the necessity of their acts & tend to correct their behavior.

parentingTantrums at home or in public

When their out burst are addressed on time at home, they will not repeat the same in public.The child also senses the availability of a parent at home to show their anger & frustration.

Most of the parents experience their child’s frustration. Sometimes they even think of their own childhood events, which may or may not have been addressed properly. So every parent has a chance to correct their behavior towards their children. As an adult, you may have forgotten about tantrum, but the child feels free to express their distress. They want to be the center of attraction and they crave for comfort from the parent.

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