Means of Transport shows different vehicles used for going from one place to another. To make the concept of the modes of transport clear, we have also given pictures.

Road Transport:

This involves all the vehicles that transport people or goods from one to place to another by land. If you want to visit your friend or relatives or go to a supermarket or to school, you have to take road transport. Bicycles, auto rickshaws, cars, trucks, buses, and lorries are some of the vehicles that ply on the road.

Ambulance: This is a vehicle which takes the sick or injured person to the hospital.


Auto: This is a three-wheeled vehicle. It is smaller than a car. It is the mode of public transport and takes people to any part of their towns or cities right up to their doorstep.


Bicycle: Bicycle can be used as a mode of transport for one person. It is eco-friendly and does not need any fuel.

Bus: This is meant for the public. It can take many people at a time from one place to another. It is also very economical. People have to go to bus bays or bus stops and board the bus that goes towards their destinations. People have to get on and get off the bus at the bus stops only.

Double Decker Bus: This is also a bus but with one more upper level where people can sit. This can carry a larger number of people than an ordinary bus.

Car: This is a four-wheeled vehicle used for personal transportation. It is the most common road transport.


Crane: We use cranes to lift heavy objects.


Fire Engine: Fire fighting equipment and trained people operate this vehicle.Whenever there is a fire at any places fire engine rushes to the spot and firefighters try to put off the fire as quick as possible.

Jeep: It is a popular car brand. We use it for personal transportation.

Lorry: This is a heavy vehicle. We use it  especially to transport goods from one place to another over a long distance.

Motorbike: This is a two-wheeler. It can carry only two people. The rider who drives the vehicle and the pillion rider who sits behind the rider. When one or two people travel they generally use Motorbikes.

Rickshaw:  To travel a short distance we can use Rickshaws. Rickshaw pullers sometimes pull the rickshaws or in case of a cycle, they drive the vehicle.

Taxi: People go to places sometimes by taxi. Taxi drivers drive the taxi and take people to their destination for a certain amount of money.

Van: Van is a little bigger and can carry more people than a car. It can also carry goods.

Railways: Trains run over rails specially built for them. It consists of one or two engines. Engines pull the  carriages known as bogies which are behind them.  People use this means of transport to travel long distances. Trains carry people from one city or town to another. People have to board the train or get off the trains at the railway stations.


Seaways or Water Transport:

Water transport includes boats and ships which sail over a lake, river, canal, sea or ocean. People send goods from one country to another by waterways through seaways or ocean ways. Different small vehicles also sail over the waterways either for transportation purpose or for sports. It is the slowest means of transport.

Canoe: It is a small boat. People can paddle it to move it from one place to another. It is narrow and can accommodate two to four people.

Row Boat: This boat can move across the water with the help of oars.

Ship: It is a large water vehicle which moves over seas and oceans. It carries passengers or cargo from one country to another.

Speed Boat: A motor operates this boat.  It is faster than the rowboats.

Yatch: It is a small boat with a sail.People use it for  pleasure or water sport.


 Air transport consists of vehicles traveling by air. This is the fastest mode of transport. Airways are both domestic and international. Vehicles used for air transport are an airplane, blimp, helicopter, hot air balloon, rocket etc..Some of these vehicles may not be used for conveying goods but may be used for recreational purposes.

Airplane: This is the most popular form of air transport. It has fixed wings, uses a propeller or jet engine for power and need long runways to become airborne. It can carry hundreds of people from one place to another.

Blimp: It is a large aircraft without wings. It consists of a large bag filled with hot air or gas which is lighter than air. It moves with the help of the Engine. Earlier it was used to transport people but now its used for recreational purpose.

Helicopter: Helicopter has rotors that rotate on top of the vehicle and supply lift and thrust to the vehicle. Helicopters can take off and land vertically, can hover at one place and can fly forward, backward and laterally. Compared to airplanes, a helicopter can carry only a few people at a time.

Hot air Ballon: This is lighter than an aircraft. It has a bag which contains heated air. A  gondola or wicker basket is suspended beneath the balloon. This carries the passengers and the heat source. Hot air balloon was the first successful air transportation that carried humans.

Rocket: A Rocket is a missile or a spacecraft that use rocket engine. It is the most advanced form of air transportation. They are meant for space

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