Little Tinku – Moral Story For Kids is a bedtime story. This short story teaches a lot of things to children. It talks about obeying elders and about being kind to animals.

Narrator: Tinku was a small boy who lived in a lovely house with a beautiful garden. He had a small pet dog.

Little Tinku - Moral Story For Kids

He played with him all the time. He would run after the dog, the squirrels and the birds that came into the garden.

One day it was raining very heavily. Tinku was standing near the window watching the rain. His mother came into the room.
Mother: Tinku, it is raining very heavily. Do not go out. I am busy in the kitchen. You play with your toys in this room.

Little Tinku - Moral Story For Kids

Tinku: “Okay Mummy.”
Narrator: Tinku sat there gazing the rain. Just then he saw a tiny kitten stuck on the branch of a tree.

Tinku: “Oh no! The poor kitten will get wet. I will go out and bring it inside.”
Narrator: Tinku rushed towards the door, opened it and ran outside to help the kitten. A strong gush of wind shut the door of his house. Tinku did not realize this. He reached the tree and called the kitten.
Tinku: “Come down little kitten. Don’t be afraid. Jump down. I will catch you.”

Little Tinku - Moral Story For Kids

Kitten: Meow Meow
Tinku: (Looking here and there) how shall I help. The kitten is afraid to come down. What should I do?
Kitten: Meow Meow
Tinku: Don’t be afraid kitten. You wait. I will help you.
Narrator: While looking here and there. He saw one stick.
Tinku: Yesss. With the help of this stick, I’ll get the kitten down.
Narrator: Tinku took the stick and placed it near the kitten.

The kitten caught the stick and slowly climbed down. Tinku took the kitten in his arms.
Tinku: Don’t cry little kitten. I’ll take you home. Let’s go.
Narrator: With the little in his arms Tinku went towards his house. When he reached the house, he saw the door close. He tried to open the door but could not. He got scared and started crying.

Little Tinku - Moral Story For Kids

Tinku: Mummy! Mummy.
Kitten: Meow Meow.
Tinku’s pet dog: Bow! Bow!
Narrator: Hearing so much noise. Tinku’s mother came running and saw Tinku crying
outside. He was all wet.
Mother: “Tinku! I told you not to go out. Why don’t you listen to me?”

Tinku: “I’m Sorry Mama. I saw this tiny kitten stuck on the branch. I thought I will help him to come down.”
Mother: Come inside quickly or else you’ll catch a cold.
Narrator: Tinku’s mother took him inside and hugged him. She changed his clothes and gave him warm milk to drink.

Little Tinku - Moral Story For Kids

Mother: Tinku! You are a good boy. It is good to help those in need. You have done a good deed by helping the kitten but you must always inform before going out alone. You are still small and can get into trouble. So next time tell me before you go out.
Tinku: Okay Mama.
Narrator: Tinku’s mother bought one basket and a small blanket and put the kitten into it. She then put the kitten, Tinku and his pet dog to sleep.

Moral: We must obey our parents, do good to others and be kind to animals.

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  • Saleha

    Wow nice story… Moral stories are much needed for children in today’s world. Wish you luck. Keep posting more..

  • Banu

    Nice story for kids..Beautiful pictures too… Looking out for more.

  • Aparna

    Nice story good for kids

  • Nirmala

    Nice story. Always waiting to hear more stories from you.
    Good luck.

  • Swathi

    Good..simple nd cute moral stories..

  • Trisha

    Moral story for bedtime is a nice idea. Beautiful illustrations.. Keep going.

  • Jaya

    Good, moral story for kids


    My nephew enjoyed the story and loved the colorful pictures.

  • sailaja

    nice story…kids will enjoy these stories at bed time…

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