Activities For Kids With Clay

In this article we are going to show some activities for kids with clay.You will be amazed to see your child’s creativity when they make different models with play doh.

Clay Modelling

Clay modelling is the most easily recognized form of sculpting. We use soft substances like dry clay, air dry clay, polymer clay or edible clay to create models.

It is an ideal modelling material for beginners, adults as well as seasoned sculptors.

clay modelling

Various Types Of  Clay:

  • Ceramic clay is water based and is made from clay minerals and raw materials.
  • Oil based clay is the combination of oils, waxes, and clay minerals. Because the oils do not evaporate like water, oil-based clays remain mouldable even when left in dry environments for long periods.
  • Polymer clay is useful for artists and children. It is also useful in animation and is available in craft, hobby and art stores.

Benefits of Clay Modelling:

Colorful clay or clay dough is an attraction for children as well as adults. It is also simple yet beneficial for the development of your child.

  • Enhances the child’s creativity
  • Encourages children to make simple patterns. Hence they can enjoy learning new things while creating a model.
  •  Increases concentration and attention span of the kids.
  • Their imagination runs wild as they spend hours creating their unique models.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination in kids.
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    Tvvs Narayana

    Nice creative clay modelling activity

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