Hello Children!! Do you know what a Hospital is and what happens there?? Let us take you to a quick tour across the hospital and show you how things are taken care of.

What do you mean by Hospital??

Hospital is a place where sick people are treated.

When you see a hospital, you will notice an ambulance parked near it.

Whenever there is an emergency, the patient will be brought to the hospital in an ambulance and taken to the emergency room immediately on a stretcher.

After the doctors check him, if required, he will be transferred to an operating room, also called Operation theatre or OT where doctors operate on a patient.

After the doctors perform the necessary surgery the patient will be shifted to the ward.

What is a Ward??

A ward is a small room where the patient will be kept until he or she recovers. The patient will be constantly monitored by nurses and doctors too will visit them regularly to check them.

Nurses help doctors in treating the patients. They monitor the progress of the patients, give them medicines and report their conditions to the doctor. Sometimes along with the tablets, injection has to be given to the patient. A patient is a person who is sick and not well and needs medical treatment.

In any hospital, doctors will be available all the time. They will be in their office, that is the doctor’s office. Doctor’s are the medical officers who will treat patients.

They generally are seen wearing a doctors white coat. They will also have a stethoscope around their neck used to check the heart beats. Doctor s also check the temperature of the patients with the help of the thermometer.

This is how the treatment is carried out in the Hospital. Once the patient recovers he is discharged from the hospital and sent home.

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    Nice article to teach basic things about what happens in hospital!! Good write up

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    Very helpful to teach the basic things

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